12 suggestion about how to compose an interesting article

12 suggestion about how to compose an interesting article

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12 suggestion about how to compose an interesting article
12 suggestion about how to compose an interesting article

In this article, we will look at ways to make your articles useful, and the dynamics of your business development – positive.
The highest level of competition in the online space dictates its own rules, so posting boring. The uninteresting publication is an impermissible luxury, as well as a waste of time and money. Do you want to know how to make your article interesting, so that it positively affects the dynamics of online business development? In addition to the generally accepted principles of writing articles, there is a nuance. In 2020, the criterion “interesting” article means more useful than fascinating publication. Read on for more details.

Why is it important to make articles interesting? How does it affect the dynamics in business development?

The first half of 2020 made significant adjustments to the daily life of every person and many global changes for business people, namely:

  • The mass transition of a business to the digital space has accelerated, and the share of the remote work format has increased due to the coronavirus pandemic;
  • The number of Internet users in the world has grown by 7% (about 300 million new users compared to January 2019);
  • The level of competition in the online space has sharply increased, which is the most significant factor of influence on business;
  • The average time spent online increased by 3 minutes per day;
  • A widespread audience expressed their interest in the video format for presenting information (94% more than text articles).
  • Thus, the network objectively arose the need to improve the quality of content as an essential factor in the fight for customers.

Which article will provide readership? A high-quality or fascinating article, from the reader’s point of view, must meet the criteria of “information content-uniqueness-benefit”. The main aim of the article for business are:

  1. Attracting attention.
  2. Formation of the company’s / brand reputation.
  3. Increasing the level of trust (loyalty) of consumers, including potential ones.

In this regard, all online business owners, without exception, are preoccupied with the question of how to write an interesting article? Read on.

Ways to make your article interesting

Algorithm for creating an interesting (informative article) for business:

1. Getting basic knowledge on how to write an interesting article for a blog, online store (any business resource) from marketing and literature

Take the classic writing methods as a basis.

2. Defining the purpose of the article

Select from the list

  • Attracting the attention of readers to the product or the company as a whole.
  • Informing readers.
  • Creation, enhancement of the company’s reputation as the right opinion about your business.
  • Creating, increasing the audience’s trust as a category of personal relationship to the product/company.
  • Expanding the field of recognition of the product/company.
  • An increment in the number of orders (sales).

3. Determination of the target audience

Depending on the category of readers, customer needs are singled out, the style of writing, topics of articles and the format of their presentation are selected.

4. Adding benefits to the body of the article

Any publication should be beneficial, namely.

  • It helps to solve the problem (in whole or part).
  • It provides necessary or exciting information.
  • She can teach (give knowledge).
  • She entertains.

5. Choosing a topic The

key to the success of an article is meeting the needs of your readers. Based on the needs, you need to choose the topic of the article, after checking the popularity of search queries.

6. Collecting information

Yes, in writing articles, 2/3 of the time is spent on collecting material, checking and analyzing it. This is a critical step in creating high-quality content.

7. Structuring the article + writing the title

The structure is necessary for the logic of the story. Remember that in today’s digital marketing environment, the deciding factors in reading are:

8. Selecting the format for presenting information

Select from the list:

  • Question answer.
  • Problem-solution.
  • Safety-fear (emphasis on basic human needs).
  • Practical usefulness (life hack, checklist, instructions, expert recommendations).
  • Emphasis on nostalgia (comparison with the past due to the associative series).
  • Fun, humour.
  • Intrigue, behind the scenes of the internal structure of your business.
  • The debates of the parties, disputes.

9. Authorship

The target audience appreciates the author’s style, uniqueness and exclusivity of the material. Besides, search engines are continually improving their plagiarism detection algorithms.

10. Accessibility

What articles are exciting and how to make them read willingly? The author must speak to his audience in a language that they understand. The helpers will always be simple words, short paragraphs, and pleasant narrative rhythm.

11. Design

A few years ago, articles were read solely for the sake of text. However, in 2020, the focus of the general audience shifted towards graphics and video. It is necessary to add bright illustrations, spectacular infographics, quotes from experts in the form of pictures and necessarily video content to the texts. Unfortunately, no matter what exciting article about a business/product or brand you write, the majority of the audience will prefer to look at pictures on the same topic.

12. Final proofreading.

Assess the finished article by points:

  • The logic of the story.
  • Style of the article.
  • The attractiveness of the title.
  • Presence of water, stamps, spamminess.
  • Uniqueness indicator as a percentage.
  • Check spelling and punctuation.


It is a utility (the amount of benefit the article has brought to the reader) that is the building block for running an online business. The key to success will be focusing on the needs of your target audience and using our 12 way to write high-quality content.

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