Do Freelancing Especially In The Time Of The Pandemic

Do Freelancing Especially In The Time Of The Pandemic

What is freelancing? and understand why you should do freelancing especially in the time of the pandemic. Assalam o Alaikum, Hey! Everyone thank you for coming to my blog. Which is Today I am posting an article on What is freelancing? and understand why you should do freelancing especially in the time of the pandemic. I hope this article will help you to do freelancing especially in the time of the pandemic. You will like my article as well as. If this article useful to do freelancing especially in the time of the pandemic. Kindly share my article with your friends and relatives. In this article, We are going to learn. What is freelancing? and understand why you should do freelancing especially in the time of the pandemic.

Do Freelancing Especially In The Time Of The Pandemic
Do Freelancing Especially In The Time Of The Pandemic

Hey, everybody, my name is Hassam Qureshi. I’m a freelancer. I’m a freelance instructor who teaches freelancing blogging social media marketing digital marketing importance of having a youtube channel and most importantly getting views on your youtube channel. I also talk about the importance of having digital products in this series of different articles as well as different categories that talks about the different skill set on my Blogger.

You’re going to learn everything I’ve just talked about in detail but for now, let’s just answer the question. Why is freelancing so important in this time of the pandemic. What essentially is freelancing. Let’s just answer the question. What is freelancing and why you should do freelancing now to answer this question. A freelancer is the one who is self-employed works from the comfort of the couch at home.

It’s not hired by somebody to do a 9 to 5 job every single day Monday to Friday. Doesn’t get paid a monthly or a weekly salary and they work on their own work hours. Bet on the projects gets work from different contractors. Once they get the job done they get paid. It’s as simple as that they choose their own workouts they choose their own price and they choose who they work with there’s a lot of freedom.

Here there’s a stats that says that about  50 million plus americans are doing freelancing now this is a huge number especially when you talk about pandemic that has taken the wool by the storm ever since march 2020 why are so many people opting to choose freelancing is that because of freedom is that because of economic problems is that because of there are no jobs 9 to 5 fixed full-time jobs. That pay you insurance and that takes care of your health and that takes care of your fringe benefits is it because people think.

That they can actually make more money. When they work for themselves rather than working for somebody. What so ever the reason is the truth is a lot of people are choosing freelancing especially generation z. Now gen z are the people who are pretty much you know. They like freestyle work environment. They do not want people surrounding them. Who are bossy who you know who dictate them. Therefore gen z is more inclined towards freelancing now there’s zillion types of freelancing a freelancing means you’re self-employed.

How Many Types Of Freelance Marketplaces?

You could be a playback piano artist. You could be a guitarist. You could be a drummer. You could be a tutor. You could be an insurance guy. You could be anything but in this article. I’m gonna talk about digital freelancing. That’s related to the use of computers laptops and sometimes mobile phone as well. When it comes to digital freelancing there are two types of freelance marketplace.

One is a Traditional Freelance Marketplace. The other being Non-Traditional Freelance Marketplace. Not a traditional freelance marketplace clients come in they post a project that identifies a problem and freelancers. If that project matches their skill set they bid on the project just like the normal auction building.

In the case of non-traditional freelance marketplaces, there’s the only one called Clients come in they do a window shopping of different gigs commonly known as services. And once they like a gig they place an order based on their price based on their thumbnail based on their description of the gig. Nonetheless, digital freelancing is taking a huge surge in imports and a lot of people are heading towards freelancing.

I would like to take a moment and introduce myself I’m a freelancer who has done over a million dollars in sales on one of the world’s largest freelance marketplace called I’m from Pakistan and that’s where. I have made a lot of living but if you’re from Asia or any third world country. There’s a silver lining for you. That you can take away from my journey and that is you can make good freelance money. While you are still living in a third world country. This gives a lot of encouragement right.

That you can work from your home all you need is a decent internet connection all you need is a good computer and an ability to communicate with the clients. Which takes me to the very important point. The importance of communication. If you learn How to communicate? with the clients and that’s in english. Because english is an international business language. If you learn how to speak write in english as “Warren Buffett” says that if there’s one advice he could give to young college grads.

That would be work on their communication skills oral and written. Because that’s one skill that could help you go places in life. So learn communication skills and then answering the question. Why freelancing the time of pandemic.

Look a lot of small businesses have shut down are forced to shut down in the U.S a lot of small businesses have filed for chapter, bankruptcy. U.S elections are just around the corner and by the time you read this article. There’s a good chance that we have a U.S president elected for the next four years. Who will assume oval office now?

That being said the pandemic has shown U.S one way of working and that’s working online many people small businesses even big corporates. They are understanding the importance of having a website. Their understanding importance of having a content writer. They understand the importance of having a good graphic designer most importantly. They also understand the importance of Copywriting. A social media marketing agency may be a social media marketing freelancer. SEO guy or a company. That could help them get their website ranked for their business-related keywords on google and other search engines.

Now there’s a huge demand for every freelance niche all of a sudden and this is because of the pandemic. Because i assume people are doing panic buying.

A report says that there’s a huge surge in demand for e-commerce developers same goes for freelancers other walks of life. Why would you not capitalize on this opportunity? So if there was a time to do freelancing regardless of the country, regardless of the ethnic colour, regardless of your religion.

Now is the time folks get started to learn a skill it will take you around two to three months to polish your skills. There are so many websites that are offering free courses to learn computer skill. For example in the comment box of this article. You’ll find a link to bit degree all you need to do is just click on the link. Introduce yourself to hundreds of thousands of free digital courses. If you want to spend money. You could go to learn Web development, Graphic designing any other skill. As far as the main skills are concerned Freelancing, Blogging, Digital marketing, Social media marketing.

I’m gonna teach you every single detail. If you may want to check the different article on my website and I assure you that all the information and education. You’re gonna get it’s gonna be second to none to any other instructor. Anywhere in the world that’s my promise to you. So in the next article, you’re going to learn how to set up yourself on different freelance marketplaces by creating your profile. Start searching for the projects that match your expertise. How to build on the projects. How to win the projects.

How to communicate with clients. How to put a gig on Fiverr. You know we just spoke about it. How to find work from the internet outside marketplaces. Because marketplaces are the areas are the places. Where freelance projects are posted but surely there must be many other revenues and yes there are many other avenues.

Where we can find freelance work so are you excited if YES. I want you to write and comment. Hopefully, next articles are gonna be life changer they’re gonna teach you something. You have never learned before. Set up a pace nicely in the next couple of weeks for you to learn every single detail about freelancing. And how to make money online. I look forward to your participation in the comment section see you bye bye.

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