Post pandemic e-commerce new research

Post pandemic e-commerce new research

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Post pandemic e-commerce new research
Post pandemic e-commerce new research

The coronavirus has already changed our lives in all areas, including business. Since the beginning of the year, the business has been in a fever. The situation has become just a disaster for many companies from the transportation, tourism, hotel business, offline and even online trade in the spring.

The coronavirus also swept through the rest of the business segments mercilessly, slowing down development somewhere, and in many cases, even stopping it. Over the past six months, the pandemic has become a significant contributor to businesses’ ongoing impact in general and the E-Commerce sector.

As representatives of the E-Commerce industry, we are continually monitoring the situation. We also conduct audience research for all IT projects of the Mega bonus ecosystem. The main object of research is, of course, the audience of a cashback service focused on online shopping.

In the summer, the government lifted strict restrictions, and the market began to stabilize. However, literally in September, the second wave of coronavirus came. What will happen next?

Today we will share with BloggerPk readers the new trends in E-Commerce. The study data was collected after analyzing the sales of the Mega bonus cashback service for the period from June to September 2020.

What was investigated

The new data only took into account purchases of Russian users in stores also available in Russia. For example, we selected those categories of goods where sales were highest during this period.

All data are in percentages compared to May 2020, as this month was last analyzed in the previous study. Statistics on joint promotional campaigns with partner stores were not excluded from the overall sample.

Situation in June

In early summer, the number of new coronaviruses infected in Russia decreased. The restrictions introduced earlier are relaxed. There is a slow recovery in online shoppers’ activity. People are no longer afraid to buy goods from China. Sales growth is becoming noticeable compared to May this year. Also, after the abolition of self-isolation, many users return to their usual offline purchases.

  • In the Hypermarkets category, sales increased by 20.8% and the number of orders by 9.1%. This includes marketplaces: AliExpress, And the like.
  • In the Electronics category, sales are also growing by 33% and orders by 5.4%. This was helped by the joint promotional campaigns of the cashback service with M.Video and Eldorado stores in June.
  • In the “Fashion and Style” category, sales grew by 61.7% and the number of buyers by 33.3%. Summer sales began in June in many clothing stores.

After many months of a complete ban, domestic tourism is again allowed in Russia. In parallel, the vacation period starts. However, Russia’s external borders are still closed.

  • In the Travel and Tourism category, sales tripled, and the number of buyers increased by 187.5%. The data is compared with May 2020. It should be noted that these indicators are no more than 10% of the same data for the same period in 2019.

Situation in July

Thanks to the easing and lifting of many bans, the economy continues to recover, but rather slowly. The incomes of the population fell, and the purchasing power also decreased. Also, summer is a low season – at this time, there is a general drop in demand for goods and services.

  • In the “Electronics” category, sales grew by 10.1%, although the number of orders decreased by 17.3%. The promotional campaign with the M.Video store continues.
  • In the category “Hypermarkets” sales decreased by 9.7% and the number of orders by 20.5%
  • By contrast, in the Fashion & Style category, sales grew by 27.1% and the number of buyers by 23.7%. The gain relative to May is still noticeable, although the indicators have already shown a drop concerning June.

However, there is still a gradual recovery in sales in the Travel & Tourism category. Many airlines resume regular flights, and tour operators are starting to sell tickets again in August and September.

  • In the Travel and Tourism category, sales are growing by 536.5%. The number of buyers by 556.3% is no more than one-fifth of the same indicators in 2019.

Situation in August

In August, the ruble falls against the dollar. This also negatively affected the purchasing power of users. The economic recovery slowed down even more in August, but the growth of unemployment increased. However, in some categories of research, sales growth continued.

  • In the Hypermarkets category, sales increased by 13.7%, with an overall decrease in the number of orders by 2.1%. Millions of Discounts sale took place in the AliExpress store. Also, a massive promotional campaign for the Mega bonus cashback service has started with AliExpress.
  • In the Electronics category, sales increased by 17.4%, while orders fell 16.1%. The growth was influenced by promotional campaigns with M.Video and Eldorado stores.
  • In the Fashion & Style category, sales increased by 4.6%, and the number of customers increased by 24.8%. A tendency towards a decrease in the volume of average spending per user has become noticeable. Probably, many buyers try to save money on this category of goods during the crisis.
  • However, in the Travel & Tourism category, sales grew 660.8%, and the number of shoppers increased by 671.9%. The lifting of restrictions and the opening of borders with some states had a positive impact. This month, some resorts in other countries have again become available to Russians. There was an opportunity to travel to Turkey, Montenegro, and other places.


At this time, the second wave of the pandemic came to Russia. The government began to impose restrictions again, although not as severe as before. This hurts the recovery of consumer activity. Ros continues to decline both in offline and online stores. People tend to save money. In parallel, the weakening of the ruble against the dollar continues.

  • In the Hypermarkets category, sales increased by only 1%, but the number of orders decreased by 12.2%. The AliExpress promotion continued in September.
  • In the Electronics category, sales rose 56.4%, and orders rose 18%. The average check has increased. The demand for goods that users want to buy is likely to grow until prices rise due to the exchange rate. In September, promotional campaigns continued with M.Video and Eldorado stores, which affected the overall situation.
  • In the “Fashion and Style” category, sales increased by 52%, and the number of customers by 51.7%. Autumn sales begin.
  • For the first time in the summer, sales growth in the Travel and Tourism category is slowing down – only + 369.9% to the sales volume and + 575% to the number of buyers relative to May 2020.


In addition to the data described, it should be noted that there was a positive trend in the subcategory “Education” in the period from June to September. During the period of self-isolation, the demand for online education has grown significantly.

Then, there will be popular sales in November – “11.11” and “Black Friday.” This will allow, in particular, retail to show significant sales growth. However, the negative impact of the second wave will affect the overall situation in late autumn. Do not forget that customers are preparing for the New Year holidays and are saving money. Therefore, after the November rise in sales in December, there will be a general decline in E-Commerce.

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