Search engine optimization of a company’s website

Search engine optimization of a company’s website as an imperative tool for business growth

Search engine optimization of a company’s website as an imperative tool for business growth. Assalam o Alaikum, Hey! Everyone thank you for coming to my blog. Which is Today I am posting an article on Search engine optimization of a company’s website. I hope this article will help you to imperative tool for business growth. You will like my article as well as. If this article useful to imperative tool for business growth. Kindly share my article with your friends and relatives. This article will share with you one of the most efficient tools for attracting new leads to your business.

Search engine optimization of a company's website
Search engine optimization of a company’s website

Today, a website’s search engine optimization is one of the most effective mechanisms for attracting new leads to your business.

What is its essence?

Everyone uses systems such as Google or Bing to find any information of interest on the Internet quickly. Search engine optimization aims to intelligently optimize the site for crucial user queries to appear in the list in the first positions.

95% of people will pay attention only to the first page of search results, which corresponds to the TOP-10. If your site is located on the fifth page, then hardly anyone will read it to the end. Therefore, understanding the basic principles of search engine optimization is one of the essential marketing areas in modern companies.

Search engine optimization suits your business if:

  1. You work with generated demand.
  2. Secondly, you have a website.
  3. You are selling through this site.

Suppose the demand for your product has not yet been formed. In that case, it is better to use targeted advertising or advertising from bloggers on social networks.

Website promotion is a complex process, and it is essential to systematically carry out all the necessary actions.
Let us take a closer look at the set of activities required for website promotion.

1. SEO

The essence of this method is to bring your site to the position in which it will be most visible to users.

Suppose your business is located in a city with a population of over 300 thousand people. In that case, its promotion in search engines will become a clear advantage over other generating leads.

SEO promotion consists of two directions: internal and external optimization.
Internal website optimization includes the following components:

(i) Product value

Does the site reflect the value of the company’s services or products? Does our customer need to be taken into account when describing?
Is there an emphasis on problem-solving?
Often, product information is described on the site in an incomprehensible language without focusing on users’ pains. As a result, visitors do not see the value of the product and leave the resource.

(ii) Design

When creating a website design, you need to focus on the target audience’s tastes and needs.
Is the site mobile friendly?
Does it load fast?
Are the colours of the boxes and buttons matching correctly?
We advise you to order unique website templates from professional layout designers.

(iii) Interlinking of internal pages of the site

This is the connection of the pages of the site with internal links. It can be contextual, end-to-end, and navigational.

(iv) Image Optimization

It incorporates:

  • The ratio of the size and quality of the image, which affects the speed of loading the site;
  • Most suitable image format (* .gif, * .jpg, * .png)
  • Unique pictures. They are the ones that are held in high esteem by search engines.

(v) SEO text

When writing content, you need to use keywords for which users are looking for a specific product or service. For example, let us imagine a situation: you are promoting a dental clinic. You need to select keywords for texts on the site.

To understand which query is most frequently encountered among users, you need to use Google Trends and Word stat services. You went through different options and concluded that the query “toothache” is much more popular than the query “dentist Moscow.” What does this mean? Users formulate their queries in the language of problems (a toothache), not in the language of solutions (dentist).

This is a fundamental rule that many people forget about when creating SEO texts: focus on needs,…

(vi) A massive layer of technical characteristics of the site: tags, sitemap in HTML format, code validity, and other terms from the language of programmers. Look for a qualified specialist in this field.

We figured out the internal optimization. Now let us move on to the outside. It consists of placing links to the site in other sources (blogs, other sites, Internet sites).
It considers the speed of appearance of links on other resources, the number of these links on quality resources. The latter affects the level of authority of the site.

2. Site analytics

The next activity required for search engine promotion is site analytics.
How to evaluate the effectiveness of SEO promotion?

To do this, there are groups of the following criteria:

(i) Traffic

To analyze traffic, install traffic counters on all pages of the site:

  • Google Analytics.
  • Live internet.

The volume of traffic is influenced by geography, the presence of competitors, and the field of activity.

To analyze traffic, you need to evaluate the following parameters:

  • Site visitors (whether they are the target audience)
  • user-behaviour (how much time they spend on the site, percentage of those who left the site, viewing depth)
  • Those who have visited the resource (all the needs of users are divided into commercial interest and simplify the search for new information. The features of these two approaches should be reflected on the site.)

(ii) Positions
The main task of position analysis is to determine those queries that have hit the top in search engines (Google and Bing)

(iii) Conversion
Two types of conversion are consequential: conversion of visitors to those who left applications and conversion of leads to purchase. The point of website promotion is the highest conversion rates at all levels.

Also, to collect analytics, use the services Google Analytics, Google Webmaster.

3. Usability of the site

The third component of website search engine optimization is usability. The English term “usability” is used to define the degree of user-friendliness of a site.

  • How quickly can a user find the information he is interested in?
  • How easy is it to navigate the site pages?
  • Is the structure of the site clear from the first visit?
  • Is communication with the user thought out?

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