SEO Optimization Trends in 2021

SEO Optimization Trends in 2021

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SEO Optimization Trends in 2021
SEO Optimization Trends in 2021

The fact that today is only one of the options for SEO-promotion of a company. Tomorrow may become a requirement for a successful business.

We’ve handpicked six expert comments on SEO trends in 2021 from an article by Creative Click Media. We also added our forecasts for the next year, based on our 10 years of experience in SEO.

Content Consolidation

Content plays an increasingly important role in SEO promotion. In 2021, this will become one of the main trends along with changes in Google algorithms. It is very important to work on content consolidation. Delete, update and merge pages containing “thin”, that is, useless for the user, material. The same applies to pages with outdated content. The goal here is to increase the relevance of the site as a whole by reducing the number of pages. Increasing relevance allows Google to understand what your site is generally created for. And, therefore, more accurately determine the target audience. And the correct definition of target audience will help Google compare your site with others and rank it for more correct search results.

Of all the content that Google crawls on a daily basis .

pages with duplicate and thin content make up a significant part. However, the value of these pages is extremely low. Therefore, they are usually excluded from search results or occupy very low positions. So if your site has a lot of “thin” pages that are useless for the user. In 2021 you need to focus significant efforts on consolidation, that is, consolidation and improvement of content.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a form of search engine promotion with the aim of attracting more customers from relevant local search. This optimization method will become very relevant in 2021. The economy is being rebuilt, as it was noticeable during the pandemic. Attention is focused on local business and the ways of its development. Make sure that you have a local SEO-promotion set up since the public wants to help local businesses. First of all, purchasing their services and products.

Optimizing old content

Optimizing old content is a growing trend that I myself recently began to use in practice. I used to create content, publish it, promote it for a certain amount of time. And then leave it as it is and move on. Yes, search engines love new content, but it seems to me that marketers do not quite understand this statement. If you have a great article from 2019 that started losing traffic. And you update it with new high-quality content, then you have every chance of increasing traffic again.

Optimizing mobile shopping

I believe that one of the top SEO trends in 2021 will be mobile website optimization. In 2020, e-commerce business owners are faced with the fact that over 80% of information is searched by users on their phones. Mobile device owners make up the largest segment of online shoppers. Therefore, we can expect that more and more e-commerce platforms will improve. Increase page loading speed and be optimized for mobile devices. For mobile users, this will simplify online shopping, which is really important. As we can see, the number of online purchases has increased many times over due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is becoming one of the leading trends. AI can create personalized content aimed at specific users and promote it to the top of search results. A few years ago, Google introduced the BERT algorithm, a bidirectional model that helps find more complete and relevant information in contrast to the unidirectional model. The thing is that BERT takes into account the surrounding words in the context. This tool helps companies not rely on just a couple of keyword phrases to create SEO-friendly content.

Correct link building

Every day, SEOs bombard webmasters with requests for backlinks. To stand out from the crowd and get links, offer useful content and don’t ask for anything specific in return.

Oftentimes, mutually beneficial collaboration helps build good partnerships and get unique links. Offer to pump content, conduct an audit, provide a free trial of your product – something that will set you apart from the crowd.

Comprehensive SEO, analytics and competitor tracking

In 2021, in order for a site to rank higher in search engines, you need to make sure that users like it, be convenient and most fully meet the user’s request. A secure protocol, adaptation for mobile devices, high-quality texts, useful links to the site, as well as analytics of user behavior are the path of success to the TOP of search engines. Be sure to track content on competitors’ resources. If they have prices, then the prices should be on your site as well. Make sure that the content on the site is relevant and answers all kinds of user questions.

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