Upwork Profile TIPS to Capture Attention! (WIN More Jobs)

Upwork Profile TIPS to Capture Attention! (WIN More Jobs)

Upwork Profile TIPS to Capture Attention! (WIN More Jobs). What’s up, everyone? Welcome to BloggerPk. Are you struggling to get jobs on Upwork? Have you put the time into making your profile attractive and stand out when clients visit your profile? You can’t just create a profile with low effort and assume that you’re gonna win jobs over other freelancers. So burn away your self-doubt and discouragement by implementing these five tips. That will give you the best possible chance to capture the client’s attention with your profile. If you get value from this article and enjoy my Upwork and freelancing content. Please give this article a Like and consider following to the blog as well, so you won’t miss out on my future Upwork freelancing content.

My five tips for capturing your client’s attention with your Upwork profile and win more jobs are coming right up.

Tip Number One:

1. Use a high-quality, professional-looking photo. It’s immensely important to have a friendly, welcoming, and professional, high-quality photo of yourself. When Upwork clients are looking through numerous job proposals, they researching freelancers in the search results. They’re trying to find someone who’s gonna be able to deliver and execute on their project. Your photo is one of the first things. That they’re gonna come in contact with when they go to your profile.

I know this because I have an Upwork employer account myself. I hire freelancers for my business to help me scale. So when I created the job and started going through the list of freelancers who placed bids on my job. Their photo was one of the first things that I looked at. So when you’re choosing your profile photo, make sure your face is clearly visible and ensure its high resolution. Both of these things are actually going to be recommended to you in the tooltip that Upwork provides. When you’re uploading. If you can make it a professional photo, definitely do that.

You want to portray yourself as a professional. You’re going to be engaging with a client, getting them to pay you for your services to deliver for them, completing their project, and providing value to their company. You definitely want to make sure that you’re portraying yourself as a professional right from the start with your profile photo. Upwork also has another tooltip when you’re uploading that says, freelancers with a professional portrait of themselves are hired five times more often than those without one. So with Upwork putting that much emphasis on your profile photo, I think it’s obvious that having a high quality, high resolution, professional and friendly photo of yourself for your profile photo plays a huge role in whether you’re gonna be shortlisted and win jobs over other freelancers or not.

Tip Number Two:

2. Capture attention with your title. Another critical first impression, whether in search results, your proposal, or when a client visits your profile, is your title. Your goal with your title should be to grab the prospective client’s attention, causing them to take action. What action? The action makes them realize that you’re someone who can complete their project and fulfil their job. Be simple but also specific. Make your title describe the type of jobs that you’re looking for. The more specific and precise you can be in your title, the more likely you are to grab the client’s attention, looking for that specific skill to have a feel for their project, they’re going to be looking for the right freelancer.

So, suppose you can be specific in your title. In that case, you’re gonna be able to grab their attention because it’s gonna Cleary align with what they’re looking for from your skillset. For instance, on my Upwork employer account, when I created a video editor job, I was looking for a video editor for my article before I hired Alex. He’s amazing. Before I hired him, I created my project. I started going through the long list of job proposals. I specifically was looking for the freelancer’s title to be something related to a video editor. If I found other job proposals that didn’t have a video editor in the freelancer’s title,

I found myself skipping those proposals. The more ways you can find to put yourself in the client’s perspective, the more ways you can find to make yourself more attractive to them. You can come up with really creative ways to organize your title and make it stand out. For instance, take a look at me. My title is simple but also specific. It’s easy for clients to read. They know what my skills are. They know what I’m going to offer to them by reading my title, soI do need to go ahead and make a specialized profile for the data engineer part of my job title to split that off.

Now that Upwork is offering these specialized profiles, I just need to take the time, put it in to make a specialized profile. So if you have more than one skill, you don’t have to split it out as I did in my job title. Just go ahead and make a specialized profile for it. I would definitely recommend doing that now since they’re offering that to you. So, when it comes down to creating an attractive profile, one that’s gonna jump out at a client, to make them want to take a closer look at you, your job title is essential. So be creative and unique with your Upwork profile title, but also stay specific to your skillset. When clients are going through job proposals, they will be looking for specific skills directly related to their job to find the right freelancer who can deliver.

Tip Number Three:

3. Write a customer-focused overview. Your profile overview is just as important as your title and your photo as well. Your profile overview should be customer or client-centric, meaning that you should focus on how you can help clients achieve their goals and make their lives better as well. The more problems you can resolve for clients, the more jobs you’re going to get, and the more money that will come rolling your way.

The client is the most critical element to your success. You need to constantly try to put yourself in the client’s perspective and think about what they want to see in your profile overview when visiting your profile. Be original, be creative, and focus on standing out to clients. Here’s an Upwork pro tip for you. Like in job proposals, the first one to three sentences of your overview show clients when they search for freelancers in search.

So let me give you an example of this real quick. We’re currently signed into Upwork on my Freelancer account, so what we’re gonna do, is we’re gonna change the search from jobs to freelancers, and we’re gonna search for SQL Server DBA. So I’m gonna type in SQL ServerDBA, and we’re gonna search. So now you can see what I just told you. You can see the first two sentences of my profile overview showing up in search. So please don’t use something like,

Hi, my name is Hassam. I have over seven years of experience as a SQL Server DBA. That type of job overview is something that I’m going to skip as a client, every single time. Now I don’t recommend finding a successful freelancer in your specific job category and title and copying their overview. When you do something like that, it’s very, very apparent. But what I do recommend is that you take a look at successful freelancers job overviews, take a look at how it’s formatted, and look at how it’s constructed.

Think about different ways that you can be creative and make your own profile stand out as well. So when scrolling through all of these profiles, what happens when we get to mine? Take a look at the formatting in mine. It jumps out at the client, compared to all these other profiles that we just scrolled through. I orchestrated my overview, especially the first two sentences, and quickly describe what I do. I’m a top-rated elite freelancer, and then beyond that, you can see.

Where I start getting into saying that I’ve worked with high profile clients. That will grab the attention of a client and make them want to take a look at my profile. Be creative and write your job overviews first one to three sentences to make yourself more attractive to clients and cause them to take action. Also, be sure to proofread and have someone else take a look at your job overview and check it for grammatical errors. It’s so critical to make sure that your job overview is error-free. Over-deliver on your job overview to make it the absolute best on Upwork.

Tip Number Four

4. In capturing client attention with your Upwork profile is to create an impressive portfolio. The portfolio section is becoming one, if not the very top area on my entire profile, focusing on the most heavily. So, why am I focusing this heavily on the portfolio section? When I created an Upwork employer account and started looking for freelancers to help me scale everything that I’m doing, the portfolio section was one of the first things and most important things that I looked at when evaluating their profiles. Why is it so powerful, and why did I look at it so heavily when evaluating freelancers? It’s so powerful, and I focused so heavily on it because it shows true examples of your work.

You should add any previous examples of work that you’ve done in the past for projects, but those in your portfolio section, specifically ones that tie into your skills, and also the types of jobs you’re bidding on. You’re gonna want to display those in your portfolio section. Upwork Profile TIPS to Capture Attention. Trust me, it’s gonna help you tremendously when Upwork clients go to your profile, trying to find examples of work that you’ve completed that relate to their overall project and job duties. For example, let’s take a look at my portfolio section. So I’m gonna go ahead and scroll down to it right now.

Taking a look at my portfolio section, in the first entry, we can see that I have displayed where I was selected about Upwork to be in their marketing campaign, to be featured as a top freelancer in the IT and networking category. So, this was something that I really wanted to add to my portfolio section, to make sure that I had featured so that when clients go to my profile, they see this. Next, we can see I have an entry for my YouTube channel.

So this goes and describes all the training, all the types of articles that I post to my blog (bloggerPk.com), so it’s good to have this here. I’ll often get compliments from my clients and by potential clients. They say they went to my YouTube channel. They really liked my content, so this is something that I really want to add here. It’s paid dividends by having it in my portfolio section. . Next, we can see that I have my website listed.

Upwork Profile TIPS to Capture Attention. This basically goes into the content that I’m doing, also has all the consulting services that I offer. So that’s something I wanted to add here. I designed the website myself. It’s something that I add here, so my clients can go see it as well. I started diving into my skills in the next entries, the first one being SQL Server DBA. This one basically goes through and describes all the different SQL Server versions that I work with. If we click over and go to the next tab, I’m going to tab to my portfolio. These are the specific issues that I’ve resolved. The first one’s database corruption.

This was actually a very good project that I worked on. So one of my clients, basically their entire database was down. They had a lot of corruption. It was preventing any type of work from being done in the database. It was completely down. I was able to get it up and running in less than 24 hours with no data loss, and it was big. It was a really good project. I was proud of the way it went. So I basically just reached out to my client and asked them if they cared if I would feature them in my portfolio section.

They were definitely all for it, so I added them here. Upwork Profile TIPS to Capture Attention. They let me add their logo as well. So that’s something you can do, reach out to your client, tell them that you want to feature them in your portfolio section. I guarantee you they won’t have any issues with it. I’ve never had a problem with any of my clients I’ve reached out to, to ask them if I could feature their reviews and list in my profile or on my website.

They’re always down to do it. Then next, a SQL Server replication. It’s a high availability option for SQL Server. It’s a project that I’ve worked on a lot, specifically on Upwork, so I wanted to add it here. If you don’t have a project that you’ve completed recently, or in the past, that you want to add your portfolio section, don’t worry about that. Think about something you can add. You’ve done the past project, maybe for yourself, maybe in college, maybe for a different client outside of Upwork. Think about some type of project that you can add to your portfolio section, displaying your skills, and ultimately giving the Upwork client, the confidence they need in you to deliver on their project can complete it successfully.

Tip Number Five

Upwork Profile TIPS to Capture Attention: How to Create an Attractive Profile

5. How to create an attractive profile, and honestly, this is the best one, and the most important one is client reviews. How important are client reviews on Upwork? When an Upwork client is considering you for their job, and they review your Upwork profile, your client reviews are gonna matter substantially, and they’re gonna be one of the first things looked at as well. Trust me, it matters what Upwork clients are saying about you. It really matters. Clients want to know that you can deliver high-quality work and that you will also be a good investment for them. . Upwork Profile TIPS to Capture Attention.

They’re investing company money in you, so it’s vital that you can deliver and complete their project. The absolute best way on Upwork to showcase your abilities, showcase that you can complete projects successfully, and your overall skills, is client reviews. Take a look at some of these reviews from my profile. So how do you get great reviews, like these? The answer, you over-deliver. You make it a point to exceed your client’s expectations of you.

Think about things you can do to go above and beyond anything they’ve experienced with other freelancers. Now some examples of that can be in your communication. Always keeping them up-to-date, communicating effectively. They will love that, that you’re keeping them up-to-date, you’re not leaving them in the dark. That’s one great example. Upwork Profile TIPS to Capture Attention. Another one, over-deliver without the expectation of additional payment. Now, if you’re hourly, you’re gonna get that regardless, but try to think about something you can do to go above and beyond without expecting something in return from them. If you’re willing to over-deliver, if you’re willing to go above and beyond, if you’re willing to give more than what you expect to receive, trust me in the long term, you’re gonna receive way more than other freelancers.

You’re gonna be way ahead of most freelancers on Upwork. A lot of that has to do with reputation. Clients are gonna say great things about you. It’s gonna be featured in your profile. It’s gonna lead to more work. Gonna lead to more money. You got to think about it that way. I see way too many freelancers, and just people in general, looking for that quick and easy. Upwork Profile TIPS to Capture Attention. They’re looking for a quick way to make money, but guess what, things that come quick and easy are often gonna leave the exact same way. So when you go to Amazon, you started looking for a product, do you look at the reviews? Of course, you do. Everyone does.

You start looking at the reviews and see what people are actually saying about the product, see if it’s worth buying. Now think about your Upwork profile in the exact same way. An Upwork client goes to your face, they start going through your reviews. They’re trying to figure out if you’re the right product if you’re worth the investment, and their money. Upwork Profile TIPS to Capture Attention. That’s why I personally believe that Upwork client reviews are by far the most important thing on your profile, and you need to make sure you’re getting good reviews. When the client reviews your face, they’re looking for reasons why they should hire you, why they should hire you over all the other freelancers that bid on their project, and it’s up to you to give them the reasons why they should.

Your profile needs to convey that. It needs to share why you are the best option, why they should hire you over everyone else that bids on their project. It’s up to you to give them the reasons to showcase it on your profile and lead them, ultimately, to making the decision to invest in you and to hire you as their freelancer. So focus on the tips I’m giving you. Don’t just skim through them, implement a couple, leave a bunch off, expect to start getting jobs, and have an attractive profile.

Go through all of ’em. Make sure you’re implementing them. Ensure that you’re putting the effort in that will lead to your profile being attractive and ultimately standing out to clients to make them want to hire you. If you’re a new freelancer and you don’t have any jobs yet, there’s a lot of you that read my article. Upwork Profile TIPS to Capture Attention. Don’t get discouraged when you try to get an appointment for about a week, a couple of weeks, a month, and you don’t get one. Do not get discouraged. Don’t give up. It takes time. Anything in life worth anything takes time and takes immense effort to get there.

Also, please be sure to keep leaving comments with your success stories. I love hearing about those. I feature them in my articles, and I like getting that out into the community, so we can see what my tips are doing and how they’re helping freelancers. Take a look at the one from this week. Upwork Profile TIPS to Capture Attention This freelancer implemented my recommendations. They were able to get their first job on Upwork, and then after that, they were able to get an appointment with a fixed price budget of$2,000 by reading my tips. Freelancing is hard, and they’re absolutely no denying that. Being a successful freelancer takes a lot of effort from you. But think about the long term, think about in the future, where you want to see your life, where you want to be.

Whatever that is, go for it. Put the work in that gonna get you to that level. Don’t look for the quick thing you think will change your life and make you a lot of money fast. Upwork Profile TIPS to Capture Attention. Focus on the long term, focus on where you want your profile to look in the future to get you the clients you want, get you the income you wish to, and lead you wherever you want to go. Focus on that. On this end screen, I recommend checking out these articles and be sure to hit that round Subscribe button for weekly tag articles, and hit that notification bell, so you don’t miss anything. Thank you for reading, and until next time.

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