WordPress SEO Optimization 6 tips and related plugins

WordPress SEO Optimization 6 tips and related plugins

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WordPress SEO Optimisation 6 tips and related plugins. If you are using a WordPress theme for content publishing and want to get a good ranking on search engine. Third and you will try to achieve your goal through SEO Optimisation, fortunately. The CMS system of WordPress has many bilton function data has to SEO making it easier. So what aspect of WordPress SEO Optimization should we pay attention.

Link structure

Insurance URL standardization is something. That very few people must face WordPress is no expansion exception. What you need to know is that you can customise the link from Category article, Content page, and Tab pages. In the background of WordPress. Try to keep as much as possible with static or fish today link style, of course. You can also customise your article directory.

It is worth remind reminding. That if you are not doing foreign trade as you try to keep the URL short.

Install the title SEO plugin.

WordPress currently has many template design companies on the market. That provide much free plugins and actual as you work. We often encounter side title that are different from the title pushed to search engine such as.

You may need to cover multiple keyword. And add some special match to title in order to increase the click through rate in the search result.

Automatic extraction of description tag.

With the change of the algorithm. The descriptive tag has become less important from the factors that are conducive to keyword Optimization and. Now it is redefined by Google it has extended the number of characters captured by the description tag. Obviously search engine has begun to pay attention to search result. However this does not mean that ranking can be manipulated through keyword accumulation in the early years. These optimizations may focus on the click-through rate of the mobile terminal.

XML is automatically generate.

You can find a large number of paid and free wordpress plugin on the market. Is sitemap.xml sitemap is often ignoring by SEO beginner for news sites. It is very important it provides an effective channel for Spiders to crawl.

Note that when you generate the sitemap file don’t forget to add the link address in Robot txt.

Other related Optimization.

Image Optimization wordpress can automatically add ALT and title and you can configure it yourself if you need it.

Tag system if you often generate a large number of Tag. Tags it is recommending that you can you turn on the optimization of Tag. Tags or you can use independent plug-ins 

CSS and JS it is recommending to compress and integrate this part of the content and enable gzip compression.

Cache acceleration the WordPress code is actually sufficiently streamline. But the speed of the mobile terminal is currently King. It is recommending to turn on the WordPress cache plugin or purchase a professional CDN.

Processing of 301 redirects and 404 pages. If you want to quickly solve this problem. There are many plugin on WordPress.

Message system and copyright notice. The filtering of spam messages and copyright notice are issues. That every blog system needs to consider.

https this path is currently the standard configuration of the website and it is recommending that everyone open at.

WordPress related plugins.

Above Optimization you may involve the following plugins. All in one SEO pack hyper catch redirection AMP broken link Catcher wp-optimize etc.


WordPress SEO Optimisation require the use of different plugins other Optimisation standards are the same as those of regular website.

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